Friday, July 22

guest post

hi friends.  happy friday.  
just wanted to let you know i am over at fairy tales are true today.
with my very first guest post - talking about friendships.

sarah of fairy tales are true and i a few years back.

Tuesday, July 19

my second favorite red head.

emma stone looking amazing in giambattista valli

{images via}

and my favorite red head???  my best friend ashley over at two sisters with southern charm

Wednesday, July 13

kate, kate and more kate

after you finish reading this post you may think i'm a bit obsessed with kate middleton   
maybe i am.  but let me explain.  it's not my fault (or at least not all my fault).
i blame my aunt.  
you see she is from england - born and raised.  she married my mom's brother. 
and ever since i turned 12 she has been giving me prince william memorabilia. you name it i probably had it. 
then i moved to london in 2006 and lived there for two years.
he was dating kate middleton.  and they were every where.
all dreams of becoming princess were crushed.  
as were my aunts of being part of the royal family.
but it was hard not to like kate middleton - her style was impeccable.  
thus this post.  my favorite looks from kate.  

all photos via my pinterest
most from her recent trip to canada and the us.

Tuesday, July 12

apartment inspiration

Big news friends.  
After 2.5 years MJ and I have decided to move in together.  It will be almost 3 years by the 
time we actually do which gives me plenty of time to plan and hunt for inspiration.  I started 
saving some ideas via pinterest.  Won't you let me know what you think?  Any advice on living 
with a boy for the first time??

But first here are a few ideas i am loving...

 i love the mixed-matched furniture and different textures and textiles. 

 exposed brick - might happen in a dc loft.

this one is just for fun -  a girl can dream, right?

 love this rug.  love.

all images via my pinterest

etsy finds | hand-carved stamps

I found these adorable stamps a little while ago.  
How perfect for thank you notes!
Lise Grossmann's shop on etsy is just fulled with little treats and when your done there make sure to check out her website and blog.

 images via Lise's etsy shop.

Monday, July 11

dip-dyed hair

would you tie-dye your hair??  this morning daily candy asked this same question via twitter. and although my 27 almost 28-year-old-working-professional-self should say no - i can't help but love it. 

{image via}

Would you try this for summer??  
Maybe for a long holiday weekend if you know it would wash out come Monday??  

Friday, July 8

friday fancies via long distance loving | day at nats park

happy friday friends.  this week has been a crazy one - especially since i made it to three nationals baseball games.  but i don't mind - it's one of my favorite summer activities.  
so for this weeks friday fancies i wanted to put together my perfect outfit for a day at nats park.  
if only polyvore had nats dogs in their database too.  :)   

a day at nats park

make sure to link up with {av}over at long distance loving!!
can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

p.s. my boyfriend has a blog and its all about nats baseball check it out here.

have a great weekend and go nats!

Wednesday, July 6

wish i was here wednesday

happy wednesday friends.  i am playing along with olivia today over at for me
i would love to be in Brazil staying in this water front home! 
what about you???