Tuesday, July 12

apartment inspiration

Big news friends.  
After 2.5 years MJ and I have decided to move in together.  It will be almost 3 years by the 
time we actually do which gives me plenty of time to plan and hunt for inspiration.  I started 
saving some ideas via pinterest.  Won't you let me know what you think?  Any advice on living 
with a boy for the first time??

But first here are a few ideas i am loving...

 i love the mixed-matched furniture and different textures and textiles. 

 exposed brick - might happen in a dc loft.

this one is just for fun -  a girl can dream, right?

 love this rug.  love.

all images via my pinterest


Natalie said...

How exciting! I love your inspiration pics!

That rug you like is available at Anthro right now!

Natalie said...
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Taylor said...

i LOVE your decorating taste. you and i would definitely have so much fun decorating an apartment!! i love love love that first look, with the mix and match furniture. you can really make anything work. its cool to sometimes find yard sale pieces and fix them up yourself, like painting an old wooden shelf or rocking chair. i love organizing my ideas through pinterestt, too!!

c.w.f.h.l. said...

Natalie - thank you so much!!

bailey said...

congrats on the big step! :) living with a boy is fun!

Serviced apartments pattaya said...

Seems like you are planning on living in a huge apartment. The arrangement depends a lot on what type of personality you have. I hope you will have a great time living together guys!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

LOVE the exposed brick. And I'm sensing a sectional sofa pattern. It would definitely be nice to just arrange and move one piece of furniture instead of a couch and multiple chairs. Can't wait to see the space you pick out!