Monday, May 17

missing hawaii

Just got home from the most amazing week long vacation with MJ.  

This was my first time to Hawaii and i am definitely going back soon!!!  

 Hanauma Bay

our hotel

 sunset in waikiki

 waikiki beach

dinner with MJ's coworkers


Anonymous said...

BKM!!! LOOOOOVE YOUR BLOG! What does CWFHL mean? xoxox

Kendall Bennett said...

Cant Wait For Houghton Lake!!! Thanks for the love BKM!!

Sarah Gaila Tucker said...

Welcome to the blogosphere kennnnn!!! Thank goodness you started blogging! I can't wait for updates (:

Linda Wonton said...

um i know this might be a little early. but can you please blog-document the big move to courtland towers. by that i mean, us watching the boys move and ague about everything (because obviously that is all they do) while we drink cocktails on the deck!

Kendall Bennett said...

such a great idea - i will document everything that day!! what cocktail should we make??