Wednesday, July 7

summer soup

i'm moving this week and things have been so busy - so last night for dinner i wanted to make something tasty but still easy.  the result - summer corn and white bean soup.

adapted from cooking light magazine

what you will need:
canola oil (1 tablespoon)
chopped green onions (1 cup)
chopped cooked ham (3/4 cup)
corn kernels (3 cups)
dash of salt
navy beans, drained (2 cans)
chicken broth (2 cans)
green chiles (2 small cans)

how to cook:
heat oil in large pot over medium heat.  add onions and ham (cook for about three minutes, stirring frequently).  Stir in remaining ingredients.  Bring to boil then reduce the heat and simmer for about 5 minutes.  makes enough for six.  enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

looks and sounds delish!