Thursday, October 21

madewell you've done it again

i love so much it's hard to pick favorites

tea party dress,  livingston romper and dance hall dress (okay this one might be my favorite)

get spotted scarf and prairie poncho

see my other madewell post here.  what is your favorite? 


Jessica Elaine said...

the romper is pretty amazing, and the magenta dress and the scarf... Madewell never fails.

this free bird said...

you are so right about this one lady...the upper right hand corner has my heart - beanie and all!!

i really want to visit a store, but i'm afraid i'll leave without the contents of my wallet!


bailey said...

i LOOOVE the first dress!!

Tucker said...

gotta have that poncho!! completely obsessed with madewell.

c.w.f.h.l. said...

you started me on it sarah!