Monday, October 11


i am loving nyc based jewelry designer Satomi Kawakitia.  her rings are so perfect for everyday. 
would you wear one?  because i want to wear so many.

the following are my favorites.  can you tell i'm a bit on the conservative side when it comes to my jewels?

i think this one is my favorite

simple but wouldn't this one and the ring before look great stacked?

oh, i love this one too.

do you have a favorite?  let me know!!


Natalie said...

I love these rings! Your posts are so fun, I love all of them.

Lindsay said...

your "favorite" one reminds me of this promise ring my high school bf gave me. love the simple one

Tucker said...

these are gorge. i would love to stack them!!

Alicia said...

i would love to wear any of these rings. i love thin bands - they look best on my small hands.

this free bird said...

These are so gorgeous I would wear any of them. Especially the rings with the larger stones. So if I only had $1500. sigh


Aspiring Kennedy said...

yes- i love this!! i am dying for a pair of stacked rings... but for my right hand. and i'd feel like jennifer anniston. :)

SK said...

Love these!!! That nail polish is American Apparel, Factory Grey...I have recently become obsessed, its super thick and lasts a long time, definitely invest! xox

tilly | maison said...

great find! i end up on the conservative side with jewelry too. i am SO into that little pom pom-flower-firework-adorable ring.
p.s. love your blog :)