Monday, December 20

hello monday


i am a little bit under the weather today.  i took the day off to rest and get ready for the upcoming holiday.  mj and i are traveling to florida and then to wilmington to visit both of our families.  and i couldn't be more excited.  
i haven't been home in two years!!

  hope you're having a sweet monday.  i'll be back tomorrow.  


Roxy Te said...

Are you from Wilmington, NC?! I've spent so much time there and even lived there for a summer! I adore that place! My brother in law lives on Wrightsville! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway :) Suede pumps are my cup of Te too! Feel better, girl!

{av} said...

hope you're feeling better today! just think about your trip home--and that should get you feeling better! how exciting :) xoxo {av}

Tucker said...

Sorry you are under the weather K!! Hope you feel great by now and have safe travels to FL and NC!