Friday, December 10

what i want to wear tomorrow + blog i love

Lindsay sent me the link to a new blog last night and then i spent close to an hour looking and absolutely loving everything.  i mean everything.  oh and its snowing in dc right now!  YES!  but back to the blog - her name is bee and her blog - Atlantic-Pacific is filled with the most wonderful outfits!  many many what i want to wear tomorrow posts to come from this site.

mj is taking me to the Baltimore Museum of Art Tomorrow - to see the Andy Warhol exhibit.  How perfect would this outfit be for a day at the museum - and the red jacket makes it perfect for the holiday! 


Ally said...

Have fun at the museum tomorrow!! :)

CMae said...

I love this whole outfit!! to bad we don't know where each piece of clothing is from? :(

*D* said...

love this outfit! i would love to wear this tomorrow when I go out for dinner and drinks with some friends. :)