Thursday, December 2

zara, why are you always so good

it was so hard to pick favorites. 

 i love this dress. 

 this one too.

holiday party.  you invite me - i'll wear this. promise.

 that clutch.  swoon.

my favorite.

 classic but perfect.

 i die. 

merry christmas.  to me.  please


bailey said...

LOVE every single one!!

Natalie said...

These are amazing, I love that little white dress!

Emily said...

I love your comments after the pictures!! :) My faves are the gray ruffled vest, the black strapless dress I neeeeed those gray tights from the first pic. xoxoo

Amanda said...

I love your favorites!! They have such great clothes.

Tucker said...

obsessed with zara!

that one (3 up from the bottom) looks exactly like camis swagg!!

Jessica Elaine said...

all of those dresses are amazing. There is a Zara 3 blocks from my work, its always to dangerous to be that close.

c.w.f.h.l. said...

jessica - i know the feeling..i work blocks away from anthro!!!