Friday, January 7

asos s/s 2011

let me start by saying i love fall/winter.  it's my favorite.  layers make me so happy.   but these looks from asos' spring/summer 2011 collection are making me really excited for spring.  can we all say long skirts.


i really really need to get a denim shirt.  oh and i need this skirt.

only five more months till summer....right?

i'm 5'11 so with these i would be 6'4.  my boyfriend is 6'4.  perfect.

this color. swoon.


Anonymous said...

asos = drool. love it all!

Olivia said...

UGH . all of the spring stuff coming out in fashion mags right now is killing me. it wont be nice here in portland for another 5, 6 months. BOO :( loooove these pics though!!

hosting a giveaway this week! Come and stop by :)

Tucker said...

love asos! i want that orange dress!!

Amanda said...

Love the long skirt and the orange dress! And the heels! I'm 5'11" but my hubby's only 6'1"...they'd make me way to tall!

Jessica said...

love love love! hurry up spring/summer!!