Wednesday, January 19

missing this today

'by seeing london, i have seen as much of life as the world can show' - samuel johnson

did you know that i lived in london for a little under two years???  i went to grad school at Sotheby's and had the best experience i think i could possibly have living over seas.  when school ended i was ready to come back to the states and start my life in dc with my new fancy masters degree.  and by fancy i mean contemporary art criticism and theory - because that is obviously a practical and job finding degree.  :)

its been three years since i left and today i miss it a little bit. 

have you been to london?  won't you tell me what you loved about it?


{av} said...

how incredible! two years?!? I'm SO jealous. I spent 10 weeks in France, which pales in comparison. I've been to London and loved it too! I loved the big parks and flower gardens...and just sitting and watching life go by. I want to hear more about your favorite parts of Londontown! xoxo {av}

Cassie Lee said...

I've never been but always wanted to go! I'm sure living there was truly amazing and magical (I'm so corny, I really romanticize any place in Europe!)

c.w.f.h.l. said...

cassie you must go - and when you do you MUST eat at Bumpkin in Notting Hill. the most amazing dinner i ever had in my whole two years there! oh and stop by Kitchen and Pantry for a tea/coffee!!