Wednesday, February 23

zara spring/summer 2011

 color blocks. pops of color. minimalism.  yes.

 my favorite.

never thought i would like orange pants - but i love this look.

so many good separates in this collection.  i told myself and my roommate and boyfriend (to help keep me accountable) that i would not be buying any new clothes for 30 days.  i really wish i hadn't told them.   maybe i can sneak in one pair of orange pants.  who knows they might not notice. 

zara why are you always sooo good?


Cassie Lee said...

I have a major love for Zara too! They have the best end of season sales...more then 1/2 off if you can hold off lol.

Gabriella said...

Zara is the best! The orange pants do look ridiculously pretty!

LG + PL + LF said...

psssht. by me keeping you accountable, you mean me tempting you to break your self-inflicted curse.

this free bird said...

i love it. i might even want to cut my hair off. those orange pants are fantastic!