Tuesday, March 8

what i want to wear tonight

happy tuesday friends!  any big plans for tonight?  i'm going to dinner with friends to celebrate mardi gras and my good friend hope's birthday.  lucky girl to have such a fun holiday near her birthday!  
thought this look via see jane would be perfect for tonight. 

love absolutely everything about this outfit.  EVERYTHING.


Staley Mc said...

Oh my I want everything about this outfit too!! That skirt is probably my favorite part though!

Taylor said...

wow that is one amazing outfit! i loooove the tights, they are so spunky! definitely use this as a guide for dressing up! you have good taste!

Anonymous said...

such a great outfit!! love your blog

Miranda said...

I loved that one too. The skit is great for work or play.


Anonymous said...


Young People in Love said...

WOW! I absolutely LOVE EVERYTHING about this outfit as well!

Also, can we trade legs? Thanks.

Bo-Nan said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I think its precious! I especially love this post - her outfit is amazing, the skirt is my favorite! xx

Sophie said...

such a gorgeous outfit. love the skirt!
and i lovee love love your blog! i am following :) x

Ashley said...

You look great! Kinda J. Crew-esque, but with a twist. Your hair is fab, too. If I ever go back to blonde, I want it to look like this!

christine donee said...

Super cute! I'm currently in search for the perfect denim shirt... And I really love chunky necklaces over a collared shirt. So chic!

Hope you had a great evening & happy Wednesday!



i love your tights!

great post-just started following,

c.w.f.h.l. said...

thanks for all the great comments everyone!!! and just to clarify the girl in the outfit post is not me - i wish it was tho she's so cute - her name is jane and her blog 'see jane' is the best for fashion inspiration. xo kendall

Emily said...

This outfit is perfection! LOVE IT!