Thursday, May 12

i'm off

friends i have exciting news - i may have mentioned it once or twice before but tonight mj and i leave for Alaska for ten whole days!!!  i'm so so so excited.  so excited that i didn't plan  any posts or guest bloggers or anything.  don't hate me.  i promise to come back with lots of stories and photos.  okay?  does that make it any better?  

alaska via bing

have a great weekend and next week! i hope i see some whales!  xo


Staley Mc said...

So jealous! Hope you have an amazing trip!

Frances said...

ohhh Alaksa is amazing!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! Enjoy!

Taylor said...

ALASKA!! Wow! What a treat and a surprise! Don't worry, just have an amazing time, and take awesome pictures! Alaska is on my travel wish lis.t It looks like a beautiful place to go.

Tucker said...

have soooo much fun!!

Emily said...

have the best time!! can't wait to hear all about it and see the beautiful pics!

this free bird said...

holy moses lady. I can't wait to see your pics. don't be shy now...spill them!!