Thursday, May 27

hello yellow

yellow is back, in full force and i couldn't be happier. i am usually drawn to muted hues (just ask mj or any of my best friends) if it comes in a muted green....i am usually sold without even a try-on.

But there is something different about yellow - i just can't get enough. So far this season i have bought an yellow mini skirt, a canary yellow bangle and a BRIGHT neon yellow bikini. I almost got a yellow clutch while in Hawaii but went for the orange need to go overboard.

One Shoulder Dress by Nanette Lepore

Le Mer Collections / Simple Wrap Watch = LOVE

SJP in a stunning brignt neon yellow gown


Anonymous said...

in love with yellow and will look so good with your skin tone! xo

Lindsay said...

i love-love-love the first dress. it would be a perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding.

Kendall Bennett said...

Lindsay we should buy it together and then share it all summer..thoughts?

mjh said...

i personally LOVE the watch. Perfect for a summer pool trip. Maybe Ill buy it and we can share...thoughts?