Wednesday, June 23

boozy sorbettos - yes, please

Dolcazza Artisanal Gelato is a charming gelato shop in dc (well...three locations actually) and for the HOT summer months they are now offering gelato with a splash of liquor.  p.s. did i mention that they only work with local farmers and chefs in the DC area??

thank you Urban Daddy for the tip

I'll take two scoops of Yellow Peach Southern Comfort Sorbetto please...anyone want to meet for Happy Hour??


Sarah Tucker said...

I wanna go!! yummm!

Anonymous said...

sounds divine! i wish we could all go together! :(

Lindsay said...

KB can we pretty please plan a date to get gelato sometime soon... my sweet tooth is aching to take a bite of this sorbet

Kendall Bennett said...

yes - maybe after our 'class'. It would be a nice treat!