Thursday, June 17

don't forget dad this weekend

i wont be able to be with my dad this weekend and although it's hard he knows how much i love and miss him.

here are a few pics of me and my dad.

my dad's first fathers day
and yes i am wearing a washington redskins sweatsuit

 my dad and I at Houghton Lake

with my sweet pops at the new cowboys stadium

my dad with his girls (bless his heart)

and everyone should make this sweet treat for their dad this weekend (via BKM)



Sarah Tucker said...

Happy father's day Mr. Bennett!

what sweet pics!

Anonymous said...

omg love mr. b!!!! that first one is UH-mazing!!!!!!! he's the sweetest lamb - he took such good care of all his girls :):):) i'm crying. hahahaha.

Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

Don't feel bad, Kendall- one of the first pictures of me is me sprawled on Daddy's lap staring at his beer. ;) Lovely.