Friday, June 11

many many thanks matthew barney

Matthew Barney has done it again - and once again i have no idea what is going on (AshHam maybe you can take a guess).  His new exhibition 'Prayer Sheet with the Wound and the Nail' is being shown at the Schaulager Museum in Muenchenstein, near Basel, Switzerland.

Barney is one of the most versatile artists of his generation, known for his ambitious film and performance cycles - I have heard him speak, watched his films and seen his work - but his way of thinking is completely beyond mine and I think that's why his body of work is so interesting.  What do you think?? 

his new work at Schaulager

Matthew Barney (did i mention that his lifetime girlfriend is Bjork)

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Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

Love that you think I have ANY IDEA what this is!! I can't follow it at all. There's no SHEET! He's either a genius beyond my comprehension or crazy. Since you like him, I'll go with genius.