Tuesday, June 8


Stephen Strasburg is scheduled to make his Major Leage Baseball debut tonight.  ESPN says that Strasburg's arrival is already one of the most-hyped debuts in MLB history, with nearly 24/7 coverage.  I looked at getting MJ tickets for the game but they were almost sold out when i first checked and those seats left were triple the price!!  Which, if you know the Nationals - never ever happens.  But we will be cheering - for him and the rest of the Nats at home. 

Welcome to NATS TOWN!!


Lindsay said...

Apart from opening day, I think this is the first time that a Nationals game will be sold out during the season. Ps did you hear they are making a Strasburg traffic advisory?

Kendall Bennett said...

haha no, that's amazing! I bet the metro is going to be insane tonight!