Wednesday, June 16

what the world needs now is deliberatin, sweet deliberation

Forbes has compiled a list of 25 Ideas to Change the World.  Each idea come from a different global problem that 25 great minds sought out to solve. 

the one i liked best: The Gift of Deliberation
"the world needs to take a breather from the relentless inflow of information, and consume it more deliberately.  that's the key to better decisions."

We receive information faster than we can absorb and react to it. We multitask, employ multiple media and surf rather than dive into content. We skate on the surface of a vast information ocean, and seldom have the time or interest to penetrate its depths.  Yet there is little evidence that our relentless pursuit of information and mental stimulation has helped us make better decisions or live better lives.

which one did you like best??

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Anonymous said...

i like "pollution is a crime"!!! :)