Friday, August 6

things that made my friday special

Walking up this morning and still not feeling that well from my three day cold - i was expecting 
to have a not so good Friday, but surprising it has been pretty great.

  1. My roommate, Lindsay had a cupcake (from cake love) waiting for me in the kitchen.  it was delicious. 
  2.  I got the last two tickets in the front center section to see the Avett Brothers in October.
  3.  I left work around 2:30 - i had finished all my work - and with my company in the month of August Friday's are optional.
  4.  My BKM's husband is home.
  5.  and MJ is coming over tonight to keep me company while I'm still a little under the weather. 

Hope you are having a good Friday. 


Anonymous said...

thanx bkm hope you feel better. love you!

Emily said...

eeeek! just came across your blog --how have i missed it?!? love it and love hearing about what you're up to ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

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