Friday, January 14

friday thank you for coming so quickly

happy friday friends.  what are your plans?  mj is taking me to the movies tonight to see The King's Speech.  YES!  probably so he can watch football all day saturday and sunday without interruption.  very smart man.  
have you seen it?  i can't wait.

it's still very cold out - so what i need to wear is something very very warm.  i couldn't find anything i loved so i put an outfit together myself.  does it look okay? 

leather jacket with a huge cozy scarf

striped tee and jeans.  how great is that belt.  yes, please.

boots with socks.  do you do this?  wear your socks above your boots?  i kind of want to try.

have a great weekend friends.  stay warm and see you back here on monday (unless i need something to do while watching football). 


Natalie said...

Love the leather jacket with the giant scarf.

Happy Friday!

{av} said...

it absolutely looks fact, it's more than ok! Love the stripes!! I haven't pulled off the socks-above-your-boots look, but it always intrigues me :) happy weekend--mine includes lots of football too! xoxo {av}

Emily said...

Love this look Kendy!! Chunky scarves are my fave and I am also loving the socks above the boots!! I've been rocking it a little -- such a cozy look :)

Staley Mc said...

I love the belt with the stripes!! I have been wanting to try the socks with boots look but I just am not sure if I can work it! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Tucker said...

i love the socks above the boots. must try it when i get into colder weatheer!! beautiful scarf in the first pic.


adorabe belt buckle!