Wednesday, July 13

kate, kate and more kate

after you finish reading this post you may think i'm a bit obsessed with kate middleton   
maybe i am.  but let me explain.  it's not my fault (or at least not all my fault).
i blame my aunt.  
you see she is from england - born and raised.  she married my mom's brother. 
and ever since i turned 12 she has been giving me prince william memorabilia. you name it i probably had it. 
then i moved to london in 2006 and lived there for two years.
he was dating kate middleton.  and they were every where.
all dreams of becoming princess were crushed.  
as were my aunts of being part of the royal family.
but it was hard not to like kate middleton - her style was impeccable.  
thus this post.  my favorite looks from kate.  

all photos via my pinterest
most from her recent trip to canada and the us.


Tucker said...

yep, you really just have to love her!

and i think harry is the hot one - maybe blair or jamie (:

don't lose hope!

Emily said...

LOVE her! amazing style..she reminds me of you! classic and chic :)

Katie.Daily said...

Oh man I love her! Epitome of class! It doesn't look to hard to copy either! Cute blog!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I don't know if you can find something negative to say about Kate!

If you can't end up being a princess yourself, at least you can console yourself with daily photos of her every outfit and event. Then it seems almost like you're best friends.