Wednesday, June 2

Close at the Corcoran

Chuck Close will be speaking at the Corcoran this month and I couldn't be more excited!! Not many Contemporary Art celebrities make an appearce to speak in DC so I quickly scooped up tickets for MJ and I this morning. 

Any other takers??

Close self portrait

painting of Kate Moss

Bill Clinton

Close in the early 70s

Close today

Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration opens at the Corcoran July 3 and runs through September 12


Sarah Tucker said...

LOVE HIM! I remember learning about him with Doc Martin with y'all. I got to see him at the Met and enjoyed it so much! you have to go kendall!

Anonymous said...

wish i could go with!!!! d. martin would be so proud!!!

Lindsay said...

my schedule appears to be open on the 30th, so i'm definitely in. i can't wait to hear more about this unique artist.

Emily said...

so jealous! Enjoy, Ken, and tell me all about it!